Athfest Theme Artist for 2016

Lou Kregel, 2016 Theme Artist

Each year, AthFest Educates selects a local professional artist to create the theme art for our two major events, the AthFest Music & Arts Festival and the AthHalf Half Marathon.

For 2016, AthFest Educates has proudly selected Athens artist Lou Kregel to create the 2016 theme. Her designs will be seen on the event websites, social media, merchandise, signage, and promotional materials.

Lou shared with us that the design she has created for AthFest and AthHalf is, “a re-appropriation of one of my Constructivist-style patterns. I updated the colors and the text, and I think it will look good in different applications like on a t-shirt or as a plastered mural backdrop. I’m excited to see how it looks in print, it’s always a thrill to see your work in published form, and I’m so happy to have been asked to work on this project this year.”

AthFest Educates Executive Director, Jill Helme, said, “Lou’s work is so iconic in Athens. Her repeating geometric patterns are seen all over Athens and are enjoyed by residents and visitors alike, so she was a great fit to help us celebrate the 20th Anniversary of AthFest and the 2016 AthHalf. AthFest Educates really values being able to include professional artists as part of the theme art and as part of the AthFest Artist Market.”

Keep an eye out for Lou’s great designs on your AthFest materials!

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