Application to Perform at AthFest 2016

AthFest 2016 Live Outdoor Stage Performer Submission

We are no longer accepting submissions for bands that would like to perform at the 2016 AthFest Music & Arts Festival. Information about the submission processes and instructions on how to apply can be found below:

1. How do I submit an act (band, solo, etc.) to perform on one of the two outdoor stages at AthFest 2016?

To be considered for a performance slot on one of our two outdoor stages at AthFest, you have one of two submission choices:
1: Submit an EPK electronically via SonicBids here:

submissions are closed
2: Mail in a physical submission, which MUST include:

  • Latest CD (please, no cassettes or DVDs)
  • Band biography (press clippings are OK)
  • Contact info including: name, phone number, mailing address and e-mail address for point person (booking agent, manager, lead singer, label, etc.); website address; and social media links
  • $15 submission fee made payable to AthFest. Inc. (note: this fee only applies to acts not based in Georgia.)

2. Where do I send my submission?

If you wish to mail in your submission, please mail it to:

AthFest 2016 – Attn: Outdoor Stages, PO Box 327, Athens, GA 30603

3. Is there a fee to submit my act?

Any band or entertainment company that resides in the state of Georgia can submit their act with no fee if they choose to present a physical submission. All out-of-state acts must send a submission fee of $15.00 payable to AthFest, Inc. with their physical submission. The $15.00 fee must be included in order for the submission to be considered. If submitted electronically via, there is a $5.00 fee for in-state acts and a $10.00 fee for out-of-state acts.

4. What criteria do you consider when selecting musicians to perform on the festival’s outdoor stages?

The booking chairperson is responsible for organizing a “listening panel” to review all music submitted for a possible slot on one of our two outdoor stages. We will begin taking physical submissions right after January 8, 2016, and accept them up until our April 1, 2016 deadline. The listening panel and current booking chairperson will log, review, and rate the music and overall package of every submission. We choose acts based mainly on their review rating. Other factors that are considered are whether the act is local (within Athens or the Southeast) and if the act has previously performed in Athens. Local and regional bands fill about 85% of the slots, while the other 15% goes to bands from other regions or countries.

5. Do the venues have any say as to which bands will perform in their particular club?

The participating venues in our Club Crawl on the Friday and Saturday nights of AthFest normally book the bands for their AthFest bills. The current booking chairperson works closely with each venue and offers assistance when needed to help each venue choose acts. If an act chooses to book an AthFest performance at one of the participating clubs, then it is not eligible for an outdoor stage performance to prevent double performances throughout the festival. Please note that every year, there are a few venues that AthFest will program, but the majority of the venues will be booking AthFest acts on their own.

6. How does AthFest select the participating venues?

We have specific criteria that we use in selecting the participating venues:

  • Must be a music venue with regularly scheduled performances throughout the year.
  • Charge a cover that is mutually determined by both the venue and booking chairperson.
  • Required to inform all bands and employees of what to expect during the festival.
  • Provide payment of minimum $100 per act or $50 for solo performances.

Participating venues will be posted shortly. Stay tuned!

7. Does AthFest pay the bands and musicians that perform?

Since its inception, AthFest has always paid a nominal fee to all acts performing. Each act is guaranteed $100 (two or more performers) or $50 for solo acts. However, some of the “headliners” are paid more for their participation.

8. How do I know if my act is selected to perform on one of the outdoor stages?

A representative from the booking committee will contact all acts selected to perform. Please DO NOT call our office to find out if you have been selected. All accepted acts should be notified by April 17, 2016.

9. What if I have questions about booking that might not be answered here?

Please feel free to email with any additional questions.

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